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It has not been designed to work in Open Water. Pools and open water. Approved Frequencies, User Manuals, Photos, and Wireless Reports. Poolmate 2 is touted for its lap counting accuracy but the feature set would suggest a beginner swimovate pool mate 2 user manual as a perfect user for this watch.

Product Description. The PoolMate Intro Video PoolMate Video Swimovate PoolMate Review by Nick Gillingham Swim-Log records PoolMate Data. · Swimovate Pool-Mate If you do have problems we recommend wearing inside a trisuit. The PoolMatePro displays swim data in real time whilst in the pool and the watch will simply and automatically transfer the data via an Infrared link to the pod and your computer and you can easily track your progress on screen with our software application. · Pool-Mate The Swimmers Speed and Distance Computer - Duration: 3:43. Unlike the Garmin, Swimovate will change the battery for you. · The overall design of this watch is a bit clunky. What is poolmate 2?

Strokes must only be changed at the end of a lap, not part way through a. Made by swimmers for swimmers! Swimovate was founded in the UK, when a triathlete and her husband realized that they spent more energy on counting laps and tracking progress than on their actual technique, and thus the Swimovate PoolMate was born. Never forget your lap count again. Swimovate Pool-Mate. The open water mode is not very useful as even they admit on the website that for open water mode they suggest a version of the device with GPS built-in.

PoolMate handles the numbers, so you can focus on swimming. O- Olympics, Swimovate cover girl Ellie Faulkner competed in the Olympics P - PoolMate is the name, swimming is our game. What is a pool Mate 2? The Pool-Mate detects regular stroking patterns that conform to Mate must be put into PAUSE mode when doing drill and kick sets. It helps when you loose count during those long sets. 3 ounces (65 grams), the PoolMate Live is significantly heavier than the Garmin Swim, which weighs 1. PoolMates have helped thousands of swimmers around the world get more from their swimming, and it can help you too -- with a PoolMatePlus watch and this app you can sync and view loads of data swimovate pool mate 2 user manual as soon as you finish your swim.

PC users can check in the device manager that the pod is recognised under Ports as Swimovate Pool-Mate Download Port followed by a COM port number). The PoolMate Live is the newest addition to the Swimovate family. How should freestyle feel?

The PoolMate Pro is an automatic lap counting watch that includes a download pod that plugs into your USB port. What is a pool mate? 2, Create an account at. From recreational swimmer to Olympic athlete, we have models to suit your needs. As I said above, and my original review stated, the battery seemed to last six to nine months, which is very short for a digital watch and not even the year originally stated.

Swimovate are the market leaders and have been selling our PoolMate watches for over 5 years all over the world. Poolmate Manuals (PDF) English Spanish German French Portuguese Italian 3. The muscles used if swimming Front Crawl. The PoolMate2 features all our patented lap-counting technology with the addition of an open water mode to track swims in lakes, the sea or rivers. There are tens of thousands of PoolMates being worn everyday and helping swimmers all over the world. Whether you want to analyse each lap of your swim, View your heartrate through your swim* or just see how many calories you have burnt, PoolMate watches can help.

poot mote plus Swim watch User Manual v1. ManualsLib. One of the main flaws of the original Poolmate was its short battery life. · The RRP on the Swimovate Poolmate2 is £70, but cheaper on Amazon (link below). The Pool-Mate detects regular stroking patterns that conform to. (We are working to update our documentation and your user manual may not yet show. Page 2: User Manual.

This score is reached from a combination of product testing, customer reviews, expert reviews, brand reputation and 3rd party product tests. Q - quality product and support, they believe in offering the best R - rest times, PoolMates record each set you swim as well as rest times between them S - strokes per lap, stroke length, stroke rate, PoolMates record. The Swimovate Pool Mate 2 Swim Trainer gives you speed and distance in the pool and open water plus also features a longer battery life, a crystal glass face and larger clearer display to help you with your swim training.

Swimovate Pool Mate 2 Quality Score – 96%. Pool mate pro Fitness Electronics pdf manual download. PoolMate Brochure (PDF) 2.

Before we launched the PoolMate had been extensively tested by a wide variety of swimmers over a 2 year period. With a quality score of 9. The Swimovate Pool Mate 2 is a swim watch that provides all the patented lap-counting technology of existing models with the addition of an open water mode to track swims in lakes, the sea or rivers.

Focusing back on the Pool-Mate watch, the one area that greatly annoyed me in the past with the original non-downloadable Pool Mate watch was the ease in which you could accidentally delete your workout(s) after completion. 6, Swimovate Pool Mate 2 features as one of the highest ranking products in the Outdoor Adventure category. It features classic PoolMate lap counting ability, along with a unique user-settable vibrating alarm so you don&39;t need to pause for even a second to know how you&39;re doing - set it swimovate pool mate 2 user manual to buzz when you reach a certain number of laps, distance, or time period during your practice routine. Your Pool-Mate has been designed for lap swimming in a pool.

We&39;ve been making swim tracking watches for 10 years. The Swimovate PoolMate watch was the first swim watch on the market that counted laps with accelerometers, and to this day it is regarded as the most accurate swimovate lap counting watch on the market, and the only one made for swimmers, by swimmers. Know your speed and distance in the pool and open water. Fully Automatic Swimming computers. Poolmate2 Manuals (PDF) English Spanish German French Portuguese Italian 4.

We have a database of hundreds of kms of swimming and an accuracy rate of over 99. With Garmin you have to change the battery yourself and like many Garmin users I’ve found the watch leaks afterwards. See our full range and find out which is right for you at www. Swimovate – Swim tracking watches. With a 2 year battery life, a crystal glass face, large clear display and chrono mode for other activities it’s a great watch, at a great price. Please contact us by email at View and Download Swimovate Pool mate pro user manual online. Page 16: Software Setup Software setup From the menu bar at the top of the screen select SetUp and select your User name and number and the units you wish to use, either Metric (KG and Metres) or.

Only 2 issues: way too easy to erase a log as the delete button and the confirm are the same (madness), and that the light emits a high pitched noise (probably poor light component). Swimovate Poolmate watch will count automatically your swimming laps, average strokes, speed, distance and calories. FCC ID application submitted by Swimovate Ltd for PoolMateSport for FCC ID 2AJOY-SW07. Is poolmate 2 good for beginners? Know more about Swimovate and Poolmate 2 lap counter swimming watch with SportWatchesTopShops.

Automatic swimming computer with pc/mac link (4 pages) Fitness Electronics Swimovate pool mate live User Manual. Pool-Mate Pro TIP: Hold for 2 secs at any time to EXIT or return you to the main menu for that function Start select hand watch is worn on Hold CLOCK SETUP Hold for Backlight Welcome to the PoolMatePro User Manual x4 Scrolls through top line functions change to yards and lbs Will show Y for Yards if set to imperial units Will show lbs instead. Battery life is claimed to be 2 years. Welcome to Swimovate&39;s Facebook page for the PoolMate range of swimming watches.

Our best selling watch More Laps, strokes, speed, calories, duration, rest times, efficiency. 00 :vle I IoOvutc PoolMatePlus sw m watch Suntable for Poms, Open water‘ Endless pools Connectable to PC MAC (via uss pod) urAndrmd (via NFC) Counts Laps, Strokes, Dwslance, Speed, Camries, Efficiency, Duramn and much more Conlenls: PomMaters wa|ch (NFC enabled) use Dad and lead suucnon manua‘ Soflwave and Aw aawmoaaame mm wmome cam wmx i. However we have only heard of a couple of people have had any problems, as long as it is on tightly you should be ok. Fitness Electronics Swimovate pool mate pro User Manual 24 pages. The initial set up was fairly simple with the help of the user manual. Scrolls through top 2. Swimovate 51,538 views. Welcome to the Pool-Mate User Manual Important notes: Selecting your settings 1.

Bad points: • The display on the Black model is very hard to see. wmv Success story of the month: Lisa Irlam, Swimovate Lisa Irlam inventor of the Pool-mate, interviewed by Cally Robson Lisa Irlam gives her tips for anyone developing a new produc. Sync and view swims recorded with the PoolMatePlus swim tracker on your Android device.

Free shipping for many products! I found the Poolmate 2 to be a good swim training and analytical tool. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for PoolMate2 Swimovate Swimming Lap Counter Men Watch Sport Swim Gray PoolMate 2 at the best online prices at eBay!

These are basic instructions how to use. I found the lap counter to be very accurate even while completing flip turns. I swim in a 25m pool and I only need about 10 swimovate pool mate 2 user manual strokes per lane, sometimes 9, so I was worried when I read that 7-8 is the absolute minimum for it to work. Swimovate PoolMate Manuals 1. Poolmate 2 is a very cheap basic watch that would be perfect as a starting point to measure laps, strokes, pace, sets and rest times but will also track some metrics in the open water (a new addition that came with the second version of the watch). That kind of bulk might.

See, once you’re complete with your swim workout, you first hold down the start button for 2 seconds to Save the workout.

Swimovate pool mate 2 user manual

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